Platform Sneakers Crystal Buckle Air Mesh Designer Trainers Thick Bottom Chunky Women’s Sneakers Vulcanized Casual Shoes

20 Reviews


Sku: 4000804131057


Black, White, Royal Blue, Assorted

Heel Height

Med (3cm-5cm)

Brand Name


Upper Material

Mesh (Air mesh)



Shoes Type


Fashion Element

Metal decoration

Pattern Type

Mixed Colors

Department Name


Lining Material


Insole Material




Shoe Size

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Fits true to size, take your normal size

Closure Type


Model Number





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For Lady walking Shoes


Casual platform shoes


Increase casual Bling shoes

20 reviews for Platform Sneakers Crystal Buckle Air Mesh Designer Trainers Thick Bottom Chunky Women’s Sneakers Vulcanized Casual Shoes

  1. Kholmatzhon Daniarov

    the product got lost once, and took 2 months to get here.

  2. Klemens Totleben


  3. Marlen Akhmetov

    Very cute. if this ねだん sh ちがい also looks like sweaty

  4. Dieter Krist

    Four in the two six Chii Chii Chii ゅうもん, the 6th to the とどき! ぐもゆがんでなくて, with clip as No. One かしょ, せっちゃく ざい よごれ like the うすく was though, めだた だいじょうぶ from No. ふだん brushed せん X as does not weighing capacity of, with Chii Chii ゅうもん. くつした yes the close-fitting does not. はき ごこち nice. lot one deviation to be No. SH ちがい also became ほしく! recommend. Thank you!!

  5. Starr Lheureux

    soooo cute!!!! thanks!!!

  6. Lluciano Marcos

    Pretty cute. あるき easy

  7. Major Woodrum

    はっそう until the ゅうかんいじょうかかったけれど, attack on the brink of one and very cute. SH ちがい also ゅうしたい to attack. The does not ふだん close-fitting as per.

  8. Benoît Cortot

    Was insanely. はき easy.

  9. Windy Milnes

    Ordered on March 29.
    Arrived on April 17.

    Carefully packed.
    Excellent product.
    Comfortable to wear.
    It has a bit of heels, so you can improve your style.I recommend it.

    As you would do so cute. Clip. pinkish purple was good!!

  10. Craig Piro

    18 to Chii とどき with. So, cuter, だい まんぞく. The other better yet unpick and fantasies? なやん JA. The does not always as or くつした yes if the foil いっこう the EH does without good to おもい with or not.

  11. Fritz Filippi

    とどき. Kettle ぺきなしょうひん immediately.

  12. Kathi Okamura

    3/31 Chii ゅうもん, 4/14 tou cha party. Feet size is that, the くつした foil with brushed-23.5cm こうり ょし, the six Chii ゅうもん. close-fitting! Try きやす cuter, is also for it is.

  13. Ira Forster

    Two the ゅうかんちょっとでとどいた. Hon has しょ ちがい tag with what r some clean I’m much. cute. しんちょう もれる than!

  14. Renesmae Knapp

    In the well balanced with the said, べつ おくっ with me.

  15. Debbie Tanner


  16. Maximilien Chopin

    The size was good, too. Thank you.

  17. Alfredo Lamanna

    So cute, there the ぷらすちっくでちょっとおもいかも, oh and あるく and ぷら tch to party like a Fushigi no. Even the easy はき, yes so also はやい.

  18. Coleen Dragon

    That just because one tou cha in party. The ゃしんのままでかわいい. some facial hair ing there, the しんちょう もれる. As per the does not always OK. Once the といあわせ ばく そく へんしん with but since you ‘ve あんしん was. very recommend.

  19. Rosalie Robertson

    So nice! こんぽう also ていねい did. Size is always and with what おなじ だいじょうぶ did. SH ちがい also ゅうよていです to attack. Thank you.

  20. Émeric Figuier

    Hon-alike of also is very nice. Chii Chii to ゅうもんしてから 5th with とどき. recommend.

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